Thank You

We would like to Thank all of our Sponsors, Entrants, Vendors, our friends and neighbors from across Glenn County and the surrounding cities, counties and states. Without all of you we could not make this happen, not once, but for 29 years now.

    The show season has ended for us for another year. Plans have started for next year. As we hope everyone knows and understands that the coming year will be our 30th Annual Willows Car and Bike Show. This is a milestone that not every organization gets to celebrate. We are going to get to celebrate this milestone with all of you. At the end of the show this year we shook your hands as you left Jensen Park and handed you a reminder of our show for next year. We hope that you have placed that reminder beside your calendar, we hope you are already planning as we are for next year.

    This years show was full of excitement and surprises. The Friday Night Show and Shine was the largest that this committee member has had the pleasure of seeing. We had the streets full of beautiful cars, trucks and bikes of every size, horsepower, color, make and model. We revisited with old friends, met new ones, and got to welcome back show participants that we haven't seen in quite some years. We laughed, we hugged, we enjoyed the spirit of being enthusiasts of man made metal objects that burn dinosaur droppings and fill the air with uncapped exhaust noise and the smell of burning rubber.

    We always want to stop and remember what it is that The Willows Car and Bike Show does with the monies that you spend with us. We support the Graduating Seniors of Glenn County High Schools with Scholarships. Our approach to scholarship selection is slightly different than probably other donating organizations. We look for the young people that first are trying to continue their mental growth into an automotive or motorcycle type of school. It could be engineering, design, hands on technical or any of many other school options. If no applicants of this nature are available we then look to those seniors that plan on returning their education into the community. The firemen, EMT's, nurses and so on. During the selection process we always ask 1 important question of every applicant. "How do you define success?"

     In closing out this show season we want to ask each of you that same question. "How do you define success?" Success comes in various forms, for the car or motorcycle enthusiast success comes from being able to spend time with alike thinking people. Like mentioned earlier, visiting old friends meeting new ones, laughing, hugging, and for some crying upon having to leave. For us success is felt when the show has been a GREAT PLACE for all. This success is felt in our hearts and souls.

    Until 2016 !!   .



Our Mission is to create a family friendly event to sponsor scholarships for both graduating seniors, and adult education.

General Information:
An annual event is held in Willows, CA. with 26 trophy classes.  All Cars and Bikes welcome !! 
On Friday evening there is a show and shine, and following that a fun cruise through the streets of Willows.

Saturday Brings a DAY full of fun for the entire family. There is no spectator entry fee, fun for the adults as well as the kids.