Another year has past, another Car and Bike Show in the record book. My words cannot describe the absolute thrill it is to work with the folks that surround this show and it's committee. We have in the past year grown, learned, lived and breathed this show. We wish to Thank everyone that makes this show possible. Thank You to all of our sponsors who along with their employees work hard so that they can help support our cause. THANK YOU to the community of Willows and the amazing people that inhabit Glenn County and all of the surrounding areas from Oregon to So-Cal and beyond that come out to see the sow and help support our cause. THANK YOU to the vendors that travel into our area to sell their wares and show their support for our cause. And of course THANK YOU to the participants that travel many miles to spend their weekend here in Willows. They bring with them the toys of man's imagination, the loud, the quiet,the old and new, the painted and the naked. They bring the sights and sounds of 100 plus years of engineering and design ideas from across the globe. They come to see old friends, meet new friends, make memories, and enjoy each others love of wheeled devices. They too support our cause. That cause that I speak of is providing Glenn County Graduating seniors with scholarships to help further their education.

Thank You again, and God Bless !!!


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ​Est. 1986